AutoNaut is a self-powered unnmanned surface vehicle (USV) developed by MOST (Autonomous Vessel) Ltd. The USV is designed to be a cost effective, low man-power data collection platform, with zero emission, extreme persistence and capability of surviving extreme weather conditions. Zero emission is achieved solely by wave and solar power. A patented Wave-propulsion Technology converts energy from the pitch and roll of the waves. AutoNaut is equipped with spring-loaded foils attached to the struts under the keel. These foils exploit the wave-induced vessel motion, caused by waves lifting the vessel up, out of the water and dropping it down again, to generate the forward propulsion. Under very calm weather conditions when the waves cannot alone propel the USV, an electrical thruster on the stern strut can be used. This USV is the 5-meter version with max speed up to 3 knots, depending on the sea state.

This wiki is maintained by Alberto Dallolio, PhD student at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU.

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